Apart from creating discursive spaces for sharing the heaviness of financial abstraction, Valentina and Pieter are also experimenting with challenging market structures in practice. They are researching ways towards a more economically sustainable art practice, not depended on external funds or on the dictations of the speculative art market. More specifically, they are creating a market for the artwork Valentina and Pieter invest in themselves (2013), a golden coin-like sculpture, in which, the public has the possibility to actively participate in the value creation of art.


How it works

  • Equities are sold for a flexible amount.
  • The sum of all individual investments determines the total value of the artwork; a transparent and clear way for measuring its value.
  • The artwork is owned by the collective body of equity holders.
  • If there is an offer that is higher than the current total value, the equity holders can decide whether they want to sell or keep it collectively owned.
  • If decided to sell, the profit will be divided among the equity holders according to the percentage of each initial investment.

Interested in participating?
mail to contact(at)marketforimmaterialvalue(dot)com

Legal advisor: Prodromos Tsiavos

Upcoming market points:

10.03.2017 SixtyEight Art Institute, Copenhagen

Past market points:

12 / 15.11.2015  CYNETART
03 / 07.02.2016  transmediale/conversation piece


Equity Holders:

  1. Prodromos Tsiavos
  2. Franziska Goralski
  3. Verena Göhler
  4. Michael Schroeder
  5. Gilly Karjevsky
  6. Anneline Geerts
  7. César Octavio Lugo Elias
  8. Jessica Bridger
  9. Lexi Tsien
  10. Oliver Spall
  11. Vermeir + Heiremans
  12. Gun Woo Park
  13. Lars Zimmermann
  14. Lisa Conrad
  15. Federica Menin and Costas Nikandros
  16. Viktor Bedö
  17. Ludwig Engel
  18. Ana Filipovic
  19. Philipp Mecke
  20. Daniela Arriado
  21. Michael Ang
  22. Anni B. Ramussen
  23. Clifford Phillips
  24. Veronika Hoffmann
  25. Søren Thilo Funder
  26. Anne Julie Arnfred
  27. Charlotte Schwartz
  28. Iben Bach Elmstrøm
  29. Christopher Sand Iversen
  30. Jacob Fabricius
  31. Emil Salto
  32. Steyn Bergs

Valentina and Pieter invest in themselves (2013)