Constituting a decentralized common via a Bank?

Lodovica Guarnieri, Zeno Franchini and Penny Webb, members of Fictional Collective

May 27, 2015

The Decentralized Bank of Trust (DEB/T) is a design for a hypothetical but plausible institution that could represent and protect the common ideals of young europeans today. The technological tools for measuring and therefore monetizing ‘immaterial values’ such as appreciation, self-fulfillment, creativity and so on already exist. Overwhelmed by critique against these tools we have just abandoned them creating value for a few centralized sources, but this value does not come back to the people that contribute to it. DEB/T is first of all an epistemological vehicle to start addressing the constitution of a decentralized common out of our shared uncertain and precarious condition, turning it thus into a valuable asset for an interdependent network of creative professionals that share this condition. It is about gaining control over that which belongs to us. A comment on the sharing economy and its implications without taking a positive or negative stance about it.

Penny Webb

Penny Webb is an interaction designer specialising in the integration of technology within product design. Concept development and future thinking are key aspects of her creative practice, which she combines with a passion for craft and communication.

Zeno Franchini

During his education developed an interest in the interaction between craft vernacular and technological innovation. With a critical approach to the social implications, designs a collection of projects related to local cultures, scenarios and speculative fiction, using ordinary objects as cultural “social condenser”.

Lodovica Guarnieri

Lodovica Guarnieri is a designer and researcher focusing on nowadays status(es) of citizenship. Placed at the intersection between design, technology and politics, her work aims to the definition of actions, places, talks, exhibitions and objects that can become tools for different groups to act, document and reclaim their space in the public realm.

Currency of the Decentralised European Bank of Trust.